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Star Signal Vehicle Remote Siren Light Controller

Star Signal Vehicle Remote Siren Light Controller

On sale: $279.99
Part Number:LCS869

Star Signal LCS869 Remote Siren/Light Controller

Siren Features:

  • 4 Air Horn tones 
  • 22 siren tones including simulated mechanical and manual wail 
  • Auxiliary horn input (positive or negative input) 
  • “Hands-free” three cycle (tone 1, tone 2, tone 3, off) 
  • Programmable Air Horn tones only mode (locks out siren tones) 
General Features:
  • Over voltage, under voltage, speaker short protection, and visual feedback 
  • Forty-nine rechargeable button labels 
  • All buttons back lit by Green off/on Red on LEDs 
  • Dimmable button light intensity 
  • Audio button pressed feedback (adjustable volume) 
  • All off/stand by button 
Lighting Features:
  • 4 functionality options: 8 second timer (aka gun lock), momentary, normally closed, or standards (push on/push off)
  • Two outputs, max 30 amps per output and total for systems 
Kit Includes:
  • Amplifier box 
  • Control head with 3048mm/10’ of attached cable 
  • 49 changeable button labels 
  • Instructions 
  • Velcro™ for optional dash mounting 
  • Dimensions:
    Control Head: ¾” H x 2”W x 4 ¾”D 
    Amplifier: 2” H x 5 ½” W x 3 ¾”D
  • Weight: Less than 2 kg 
  • Voltage: 10 - 16V DC 
  • Amp Draw: 8 amps audio 
  • Output: 100 watts
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • *Not a normally stocked item, will ship direct to you from Star*

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