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Frequently  Asked  Questions

Q: Is my item in-stock?
A: We stock a lot of items, but we also offer a lot of products that can be customized or may not normally be stocked. 
In this case, your order will be built by the manufacturer and drop-shipped to you.

Q: When will my order arrive?
A: If your items are in-stock, we do our best to ship the same day. If they are not in-stock, then it depends on what you 
ordered and who the manufacturer is. Generally speaking, 1-2 weeks. If it's an order coming from Star, plan on 4 weeks.

Q: How do you ship, since it's flat rate shipping?
A: We ship via UPS Ground & USPS

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: No, sorry. We only ship within the USA.

Q: Can I get my items faster? (next day air, 2nd day air)
A: Yes, just give us a call. 513.422.5775

Q: Do you offer vehicle installation for personal/private vehicles or just Police/Fire?
A: Yes, we handle everything.

Q: I called and no one answered...WTH ??
A: We stay rather busy around here! The website is just phase of our business, we have a showroom that's open to the public 6 days a week and an installation facility as well.
Our phones ring non-stop around here, so don't take it personal that you missed us. Leave us a message or give us a call back in a little while.

Q: I'd like to order a bunch of completely customized lights and then return them 3 weeks later for a full refund. There's nothing wrong with them, I just wanted to see them in person....is that okay?
A: The answers NO. 

- We'll be adding more as they come up, but this has been needed for Years!