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Carson SB-008 Phantom Switch Box

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Part Number:SB-008

Carson SB-008 Phantom Switch Box

With complete programmability and DIP switch locking, manage everything from your lightbar to gunlocks and video system to auxiliary lights with this sleek, compact control unit.
At less than 1 ½” high, the SB-008 Phantom Switch Box is almost half the size of a regular switch box. But the Phantom’s slim, sleek appearance cannot mask its superior power and versatility.
With the capabilities of programming switches as momentary, gunlock timers, and grouping multiple switches together to activate with a single Master Switch that acts like a slide switch, the applications are almost endless. 
Each of the eight switches operates up to 20 amps of output for a total of up to 160 amps.
The SB-008 Phantom also includes externally exposed fuses, completely enclosed membrane push-button switches for splash-resistant protection, LED backlighting that turns red when activated, replaceable legends, unpluggable wiring connectors for outputs, backlighting and ground, and alert indicator. As with all Carson Sirens products, the SB-008 Phantom is backed by a no-hassle 5-year limited warranty.
  • Complete programmability with DIP switch locking
  • Up to 7 switches for gun lock timers
  • Master Switch grouping capabilities
  • 20 Amps capacity per circuit for up to 160 total amps
  • Externally exposed fuses and diagnostic for easy replacement
  • 8 completely enclosed membrane push button switches for splash-resistant protection
  • Remote enabled LED backlighting that turns red when activated
  • 72 Replaceable legends
  • Unpluggable wiring connectors for outputs, backlighting and ground
  • Alert indicator when switches activated
  • 1-3/8" H x 6-1/8" W x 6-1/2" D
  • No-hassle 5-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA (Indianapolis, Indiana)

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