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Star / SVP 6 Switchbox

Star / SVP 6 Switchbox

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Part Number:SB4020

Star / SVP 6 Switchbox SB4020

Use these deluxe switch boxes to control your Star lightbars or any other functions of yourchoice. The SB4020 Series features all illuminated switches when in use and the legendsare backlit for easy nighttime readability. There is one 40 amp circuit, protected by a relayand self-resetting circuit breaker, and five 20 amp circuits which are individually protectedby fuses. The SB4040 features a 3-mode progressive, 40 amp (max) switch, and four 20amp illuminated switches for a total of 7 fuse protected functions. A customer adjustable jumper has been included for the option of separating slide position 1 & 2 to work inde-pendently. The SB4425 offers ten lighted rocker switches for maximum flexibility. The SB4040 and SB4020 series are also available with an attached 15’ wire harness. Terminalblocks are standard on SB4020T and SB4425T. Ships complete with legends, mounting bracket, hardware, and instructions.

Product Features:

  • The deluxe switch box
  • Use this box to control your STARBAR, AeroStar, or Star Interceptor lightbars, or any other six functions of your choice
  • All switches are illuminated
  • Legends are backlit for easy night usage
  • One 40 amp circuit protected by a relay and self resetting circuit breaker
  • Five 20 amp circuits are individually protected by fuses


  • Size: L 4.5" / W 4.63" / H 2.13"
  • Switching: (1) 40 amp circuit (5) 20 amp circuits
  • Weight: 5 lbs.

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