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SoundOff Signal nRoads Low Dome Led Beacon (TRI-Color)

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SoundOff Signal nRoads Low Dome Led Beacon (TRI-Color)

Truly one of the best & brightest beacons on the market, the SoundOff nRoads beacon offers unparalleled technology!
This Tri-Color version option allows your beacon to function with the highest level of Led technology available!
With (4) separate modes, you can have a different color assigned to a different mode - for a different job.
For Example: Mode 1 - Flashing R-B-W, Mode 2- Flashing R-B, Mode 3- White Flood Mode, Mode 4 - All Blue Cruise Mode, etc..
These beacons are Class 1 Certified and provide superior light output with Zero dead spots, all angles are covered.

(4) separate modes built-into each beacon, along with (43) flash patterns.
100% made in the USA (Hudsonville, Michigan) and include a No Hassle 5 Year Warranty!

*Tri-Color Beacons are available with a standard Cigarette Plug, however you cannot access all of the features/modes with a basic Cig. Plug.
To access all features/modes using a cigarette plug, you'll need to upgrade to the 4-Button Controller*

Dimensions3.6” H x 8.6” D

 • Available in 10-16 Vdc or 9-32 Vdc (configurable option) 
• Low dome has 4 modules and high dome has 8 modules 
- (4) Programmable Modes
• Tri-Color has 18 LED modules, 6 LED's per color 
• Offset dual stack Includes 8 total modules that provide 360 degrees of intense lighting coverage 
• Ability to customize with all white illumination to light up work areas 
• Cruise and Low Power modes 
• Premium aluminum base 
• Durable polycarbonate lens

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