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SoundOff Signal Aftershock Siren System

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SoundOff Signal Aftershock Siren System

Introducing Aftershock, SoundOff Signal’s first low frequency siren system for emergency & POV vehicles. 
Aftershock’s low frequency sound waves produce deep warning tones, proven highly effective in clearing traffic.
This supplemental (add-on) siren system is ideal for high traffic areas and busy intersections. 
Aftershock is available with one or two speakers to meet your specific needs, but it's not intended to be your primary
source of audible warning. Low frequency sirens are meant to supplement your existing siren by adding a low-end
tone for a short burst of time, usually intersections and while trying to clear traffic, etc.
Universal brackets included.

Siren Height: 2.4" Width: 4.7" Depth: 5" 
Speaker Height: 8.5" Diameter: 7.2" 
Current Draw: 8 amps for 100 watts / 16 amps for 200 watts
Operating Temperature: - 40° C to + 65° C
Input Voltage: 10-16 Volts
Warranty: 3 Years

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