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Feniex Storm Pro Siren 100 Watt

On sale: $119.00
Part Number:C4014

Feniex Storm-PRO 100 Watt Siren

The Storm Pro Siren is a 100 watt amplifier & PA mic only, no switches are included.

Manual, Wail, Air Horn, Phaser, Yelp, Hi-Lo, Power Call, Bad Boys song, Ecto-1, and automated voice commands!

Feniex has redesigned the Storm siren and added more features, but the previous switch panel has been deleted.

You will need something to activate the siren tones. You can use your own controller or the Feniex 4200 mini...

This is an economical siren choice that now includes a lot more features normally found on more expensive sirens.

The Storm-Pro includes multiple siren tones, P.A. plus electronic air-horn in a small, discreet package. Check out the Specs below:

  • 100 Watt Output
  • Detachable Redesigned P.A. Microphone included with mic clip!
  • Integrated horn ring activation
  • Park Kill Feature (Once the vehicle is in Park, it will shut the siren off automatically)
  • Radio Rebroadcast
  • Dimensions of amplifier: 7.4" L x 4.0" W x 2.5" H
  • Cast aluminum housing
  • Functions with all existing controllers and switch panels, including the Feniex 4200 mini controller! (Not included)
  • Siren tones include: Manual, Wail, Phaser, Yelp, Fast Yelp, Hi-Lo, Power Call, Ecto-1, Voice commands and Electronic Air Horn
  • Easy installation
  • 2 Year Warranty


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