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Feniex Storm Pro Siren 100 Watt

Feniex Storm Pro Siren 100 Watt

On sale: $100.00
Part Number:C4014

Feniex Storm-PRO 100 Watt Siren

The Storm Pro Siren's mic has been upgraded and will now be included with all new Storm siren purchases. 

Manual, Wail, Air Horn, Phaser, Yelp, Hi-Lo, Power Call, Bad Boys song, Ecto-1, and automated voice commands!

Feniex has redesigned the Storm siren and added more features. 

This is an economical siren choice that now includes a lot more features normally found on more expensive sirens. 

The Storm-Pro includes multiple siren tones, P.A. plus electronic air-horn in a small, discreet package. Check out the Specs below:

  • 100 Watt Output
  • Detachable Redesigned P.A. Microphone included with METAL mic clip!
  • Integrated horn ring activation
  • Park Kill Feature (Once the vehicle is in Park, it will shut the siren off automatically)
  • Radio Rebroadcast 
  • Dimensions of amplifier: 7.4" L x 4.0" W x 2.5" H
  • Cast aluminum housing 
  • Functions with all existing controllers and switch panels, including the Feniex 4200 mini controller! (Not included)
  • Siren tones include: Manual, Wail, Phaser, Yelp, Fast Yelp, Hi-Lo, Power Call, Ecto-1, Voice commands and Electronic Air Horn
  • Easy installation
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Siren Tones:


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