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Feniex Cobra T3 Release Date

Posted by Eric on 2/14/2015 to News

As a Master Distributor for Feniex, I wanted to address some questions that we get on a daily basis regarding their new product line.

Release Date:

Any time a Manufacturer releases a new product, much less an entire line, their release dates are subject to change. This can happen for a variety of reasons. (If you are not aware, Feniex recently changed their expected release date from 02.15.15 to the 1st Quarter of 2015) Manufacturers can do their absolute best to predict the  demand but several other factors can come into play. There are a lot of moving parts when releasing a new line: Design, Preparation, Marketing, Distribution, Pricing, Parts Availability, Support, and of course, Production.

I believe that Feniex may have under-estimated the demand for the new Cobra T3.     (I can tell you first hand, it's an amazing little light. We've had a pair of T3's for a while now and they WOW everyone that sees them in our showroom) With that being said, we have to be patient and let the process work. Good things come to those who wait, right?

Dealers are required to order these lights by the case, which means that although you may have only ordered (2), we have had to order a lot more. Since case orders are required from dealers, obviously the quantity to be distributed by Feniex increases that much more. In our case, we have a brick & mortar store as well as an online store, thus requiring us to order enough to cover all of our customers demand. It's a delicate balance and we're all learning together.


Customers who have already ordered T3 lights through us will be the first ones to get the lights as soon as we receive our shipment. We ordered a couple hundred, so don't worry, yours are accounted for. Orders will be filled/shipped ASAP.

We don't have a specific date from Feniex on when they will be shipping, but it won't be long. I hope this information clears up any confusion.

As always, should you have a question or concern, please feel free to email us directly at: [email protected]