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Brooking Technologies AL6-M Universal Mount Led Light

On sale: $88.00
Part Number:AL6-M

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Brooking Technologies AL6-M Universal Mount Led Light (Sold Individually)

This universal light in an affordable option for effective intersection warning!
The adjustable swivel mount on the Mirror Mount version of the Brooking Technologies AL6 allows the wires to pass through the top
of a bracket which is concealed by a screw-on cover. This results in an easy, clean looking installation under
the side mirrors of most vehicles.

Though the AL6-M is promoted as an affordable and universal option for side mirror mount, the applications
are not limited to this area of the vehicle only. It can also be mounted under the front ledge of a push bumper,
rear bumper, headache rack, ladder rack, rear headliner, etc.

So if you are in need of bright, under-mirror lighting and you want to save some money, these could be the
answer for you!

Super-Wide Angle, 180° lighting provides maximum coverage
Innovative/Universal mounting system allows for multiple applications
Auto-Memory Recall (automatically remembers the last flash pattern it was set on)
Synchronizes with multiple other units
Reverse polarity protection built into each light
Fully weatherproof & vibration resistant, designed for internal or external
Aluminum base for heat dissipation and maximum durability

12-24 VDC
(16) Flash Patterns Built-In
Avg. Current Draw: 0.57 amps (varies per flash pattern)
Max Current: 1.14 amps
Dimensions: 2.91" Long x 2.63" Deep x 1.37" Tall
Warranty: 5 Years


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