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Brooking Industries DUAL Color Led Torrent Light Bar

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Brooking Industries Torrent ~ DUAL Color Led Light Bar

The Brooking Industries Dual-Color Torrent Light Bar features patented DUAL COLOR technology, which allows the user to switch from warning/pursuit mode straight to amber traffic control with the simple push of a button. Others may claim to have dual color, but they are merely adding different color LED diodes that fire at different times. Adding diodes means increased cost! Our diodes actually CHANGE COLOR with the flick of a switch! This technology allows you to perform completely separate jobs with the same light bar. Are you a Firefighter but you also plow snow in the Winter - Now there's a light bar that adapts to your lifestyle.

Also, don't forget the importance of turning night into day with the FLOOD mode. The front LED's will switch over to a blinding wall of steady white light, illuminating the area in front of your vehicle! (perfect for traffic stops)


  • 3 programmable warning modes
  • Dual 6-Diode Led Take-Down Lights & 3-Diode Led Alley Lights (Included)
  • Customizable flash patterns
  • Built-in traffic arrow patterns
  • Rear inboard light modules override warning colors and convert to amber when traffic arrows are activated
  • Full Front Flood: Dual color inboard and front facing corner modules convert to white for ultra-take down / flood light effect
  • Flashing take-downs and alley lights - full front flood flashes at different rate than warning colors
  • Rugged aluminum chassis withstands the toughest conditions and efficiently dissipates heat
  • Air-tight design is virtually impervious to water ingress / condensation
  • A-Glow optic inboard light modules - Mega D-Fuser optic corner light modules
  • Passenger side cable exit
  • Low power mode
  • Variety of mounting options


  • Priority Warning Patterns: 21
  • Standard Warning Patterns: 22
  • Traffic Patterns: 11
  • Operating voltage: 12 volt DC
  • Lengths: 40", 44", 49", 54", 59" (call for lengths not listed)
  • Height: 2.6"
  • LED Angle View 120 degrees
  • Available in Red, Amber, Blue, or Clear LEDs
  • 5 year Warranty

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